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Heads And Tails


Multi-Media Sculpture

Wood; Plaster; 3D printed parts; Found and repurposed objects.

74" high x 36" wide x 16" deep.

‘Heads And Tails’ developed from a preoccupation with the frontality of interfaces or how an object’s embodiment in space is accessed through geometric coordinates. Space being flattened by cardinal points, bodies are assigned a front, back, right and left side. Even a multi-faceted object is but an approximation of its entirety and more a marker of how it is perceived. The phenomenal world is replete with fronts and two-sided objects that constantly oscillate around private and public domains but just as a mountain is not constrained to the views of its slopes, the agent of separation is also a catalyst of simultaneity and confluence. It is in this manner that the totem-like structure, both reliquary and gateway, signpost and vehicle, stands as a liminal object, a threshold of one configuration of space to another, like a doorway present to both sides of a division, and if prone to geometric permutations, nevertheless simultaneously organic.

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