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Tower of Faith

Please turn up volume for audio.

Multimedia Sculpture

Wood; Aluminum; ; 3D printed parts; Fur; Paint; Programmed Motors; Programmed Led Lights; Magnifying Lens; Two Monitors with Surveillance Cameras; Audio Equipment with Soundtrack.

76" high x 9" wide  x 9" deep

Devotion will grow new vertebrae and encase them in the spine of belief. With the current encroachment of religion on science and a  pluralism that promotes coexistence under the umbrella of universal standards, mutuality is undercut by the many fronts of oppositional and dualistic redundancies. As one people’s independence is another’s catastrophe, an equalizer of selfishness and sacrifice stands as a pillar of transcendental deregulation, implementing the equivalence of a nominalist’s insistence on particulars and a universalist’s everything-goes approbation of creeds. A hinge to two divergent paths that ultimately leads each to its own dead end, in full view of the other but with no access to it, a theological tuning fork interfacing both sides of a looking glass to fulfill religion’s fundamental promise of mending all divides. Leap of faith or the revindications of what has been condemned as dogma, confusing traditional oppositions and allegiances, discriminatory privileges smuggled in through good neighborliness or a single deity manifesting the plurality of its known versions, each spinning its ciphers in a non-Euclidean clockwork of disjointly rotating snow crystals. Sedimented in the backbone of faith, an armor of cushioned embodiment like an inter-passive hub, entertains collision-proof confrontations, leaving each party at the edge of itself, identified in a visibility that bars it from the others. Broker of both segregation and communion, dispersing duality in the whirligigs of an agnostic equivalence of good and evil, where complementarity is sealed in redundancy and mutuality in a catechism of bipolar solipsism.

Please turn up volume for audio.

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