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Luminary Square

16" x 16" x 60"

Wood, Aluminum, Plaster, Cloth, PLA 3d printed parts, HO scale streetlights, Neopixel and other LEDs.

“Luminary Square” picks up a core component of the “Polytopia” Constructions, the theme of the streetlight as a metonymic reference to the ideals of the Enlightenment. In a three-leveled structure, the project proposes an archeology or genealogy of the Age of Reason. Its top surface, lined with the fading roadmaps of the grand emancipation movement, upholds luminescent structures interspersed by streetlights, standing for the luminaries who sought to dissipate the long shadows of superstition and dogma with the liberating forces of reason and science. Below them lurk dimly lit structures that suggest the anti-enlightenment bastions of Romanticism, wantonly stacked tiers housing the Sublime and Baroque to avenge the human psyche’s need for obscurity along with its place in the sun. The cantilevered tiers of this second level are built on a platform that is busted through, surrounding a gaping precipice that hangs over the volcano resting at the bottom of the construction. Outfitted with a lens projecting a flickering light through the center of the middle level, the volcanic mound is the source of the igneous base matter subsequently sublimated into the streetlights up above, dispensers of pure light and twinkling effigies of a sustained fire that no longer burns.
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