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Multi-media Construction

40" Wide x 30" Deep x 60" High 


Wood, Plaster,  Acrylic, Glass, Cloth, Various found and repurposed objects, Motors, HO scale streetlights, Leds, Embedded audio, Spy cam and monitor, Time controlled humidifier.



Both utopia and dystopia betray a fascination to create a world in our image:


Salutary dystopias in their vitriolic but no less euphoric transparency or inverted utopias, exposing their life-support systems, their less than perfect infrastructure and all the tangled underpinnings of their shine and luster.


But more than Utopia or Dystopia as either rosy or sulfurous mirrors of dominant ideologies, Topos itself has an immediate relation to subjectivity. It is the site where both subject and object become anima.

Drama in a diorama: ‘Vista Banks’ is a compound of stackable-living plateaus with kaleidoscopic views. It is also the corporeal matrix of the ‘Nulture Biome’, an energy-generating composter of nature and culture.

At the foot of its giant smokestack spewing vapor like a volcano threatening to reawaken, shiny streetlights hold vigil as the enduring beacons of Enlightenment ideals, presiding over the palimpsest of their fading roadmaps.

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