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Multi-media Construction

24" x 24"  x 108" High 


Wood, Acrylic, Aluminum, Foam, Cloth, Various found and repurposed objects, Motors, Leds, PLA 3d printed parts, Embedded slide show and video monitor featuring a 30 minute looping video ( details of which can be found in YouTube links below)



Click on image for detailed view.

The Polytopia multi-media constructions fuse architecture, language and the body in a vast array of methods and techniques to generate discrete topographies that intimate the ways we inhabit the world.



Agora Mall

National Lookout Front

Oktabbalah Memorial

Myth of Origins Frieze

Olympus Henge

Babel Eden Garden Towers

A posthuman world founded on the civil rights of connected objects or a paradisiac confluence between technology and nature, these city formations are blueprints in the making, evolving constructions with no master plan other than a gradual manifestation of their protean qualities.


This is metaphysics objectified. The mental realm of concepts and ideas given tangible form. Not through likeness and illustration but with the expression of the constituents themselves. The degrees of separation between objects. Their laws of attraction. Their apartness or interlocking affinities. The logic between the objects themselves which is not immediately perceivable, because it is through a gradual revelation that we come to apprehend their relations as indivisible exponents of body and mind.

PolyTopia Strata Video Gallery
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