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Sidewalk Encounters

The context is a stretch of sidewalk which for upright bipeds consecrates the experience of the street. The emphasis is on the vertically mobile, set in contrast to the downtrodden, horizontal subjects cast on its pavement.


Hypothetically, this ontological stage extends indefinitely on its sides, running like film on a cutting table. A strip of celluloid or a famous star-studded curb spliced into segments, the frozen movements of its characters shuffle back into a comprehensive scene: the coexistence and clash of deemed incompatibles, a collusion of the have and have-nots that qualify our society and its admixture of excesses and inequities.


The street as a public platform, as the shared outside of our individual realities, has atrophied and given way to the corridors and hallways of virtual networks. We now connect to others in real time across the globe while sleepwalking the streets, tethered to our rapidly evolving digital extensions. 'Real space' communication may draw us even closer by interweaving entire environments in the very duration of a call. This may well result in a street scene, a stretch of sidewalk decked with dazzling shop fronts, populated by familiar strangers, connected by a shared application of indifference.         

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