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A dichotomy is a binary redundancy that can be reduced to a grid.

A tree is a unit in a process of perpetual branching.

Lewis Carol tells us a portmanteau is two meanings packed in one word.

Dichonotree is a portmanteau of both its literal meaning as a coat rack, an article of furniture on which to hang preconceived notions and a living, bifurcating force of growth and novelty.

Alice moves in a dyslexic wonderland; her verbal misprisions are the mimetic mistakes coining new meaning at the root of language. Synesthesia distorts her perception yet her confusion sparks striking associations, in a scrambled logic of inter-conjugating phenomena.

Multimedia  Sculpture.

Found and repurposed objects; Wood; Foam; Plaster; Dried moss; Led lights; Paint.

Approx. 86" high x 36" wide x 48" deep.

A Rationalist and a Vitalist take a stroll

as Humpty Dumpty has a fall,

The root of an iconic coat-tree

dons the hand of duality.

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