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Corner Stone City Shrine

Multi-Media Construction

8" x 8" x 21.5" High

Wood, Mirror, PLA and SLA Resin 3d prints, LEDs,  Looping Audio track.

embedded audio

Here then is an ode to the gap between buildings, to the street that is their negative space; To nomadic meandering through sedentary estates; To the proliferating roadways of wanderlust.


A cornerstone never laid down to be relegated to history, but a permanent work in progress, tirelessly regenerating itself, starting over, again and again, like the vulture-ravaged liver of Prometheus.


Four corners frame an intersection, in the middle of which faces fourfold out, a dancing Parvati, consort of Shiva, ancient Hindu female deity, effigy of a grounding earthy force, channeling the incommensurate city into her sinuous rhythm.

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