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signs in limbo

"Signs in Limbo" is a series of photo-based works created in digital format. Steeped in a  vernacular sensibility, the collection finds its concept placeholder in an object endemic to any commercial district.


Commonly referred to as an "on-premise" sign and usually appended to a building's architecture, this structure has the essential function of identifying a place of business.


As retailers relocate or companies liquidate, they pull down their signs, leaving behind the empty sign holder. Each piece in the series showcases such an abandoned and gutted apparatus, spotted by the artist who makes it the subject of a dedicated photoshoot and subsequent study. 


The empty sign holder, divested of its message and thus lacking purpose, alerts us to a crisis in language and its capacity for communication. Abandoned by the stewards of commerce, the forsaken object persists as an empty shell which, in a strange reversal, is freed from the burden of signification and can only fall back on itself. It is in this permutation that it becomes the protagonist of a singular event.

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