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Locke Clock

John Locke (1632-1704) grandfather of Empiricism, the sense-based doctrine that promulgates the primacy of experience, sought to dispel superstition and dogma by eradicating ‘substance’ which he condemned as occult. His tabula rasa was a clearing subsequently paved by the advances of scientific knowledge that superseded art and religion.

In a metaphysical come-back, the clock object is an invitation to time travel this suppression and unravel its hard-wired causality. Fast forward to the extraction of duration from the segmentation of linear tracks. Past the aperture of a hypnotic pendulum undercut by the shutter of a guillotine and with a ready-to-grip handle, to a faceplate turned towards another substrate, the absence inherent to Heidegger's  Being and Time.   

Multimedia Sculpture

Wood; Aluminum; Foam; Pendulum; Led lights; Video monitor.

76" high x 16" wide  x 10" deep

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