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Multimedia Sculpture

Wood; Aluminum; Foam; Cloth; Mother of Pearl; 3D printed parts; Monitor with embedded looping video .

77" high x 11" wide  x 6" deep


If representation is commonly understood as the externalization of an inner state for the sake of communication, here instead is an object that seeks embodiment through an internal process of recognition. The frontal effigy, an emblematic presence characteristic of crests and heraldry, showcases the construction of identity as a search for origins, a quest whose discontinuity punctuates a natural history of simulation while delving in an ontological realm of objects.


The genealogy of this work traces back to ‘Rock Garden’, an outdoor installation consisting of a circle of rocks with a three-channel video projection playing in se- quence on its inner periphery. Spaced by visual overlays, it features a recitation of aphorisms clustered into a trialogue, a format intended to exceed dialectic’s own trifold movement. For in lieu of the latter’s familiar three step dance which secures the antithesis back to the ruling subject, source of all enunciation, the generation of metaphor employs the triplicate structure, namely the irreducibility of two components as the minimum requirement of any relation in addition to their medium of exchange, to generate new objects rather than reaffirm the identity of the original subject. From their outdoor setting in a circle of rocks to being housed in a compact, vertical structure, the tripartite aphorisms evolved into a narrative string that traces the saga of an object as it gains autonomy through simulation, excavates its identity through creation myths, then when exiled to a utilitarian vacuum as a defective commodity, reclaims the singular traits of its objectivity.

Captured next to

"Tower of Faith", left. 

Please use the link below to the work's video collection.

I built a machine that wakes me up every morning. I am not sure how it infiltrated my sleep and implanted a recurring dream of it waking me up as usual. I must admit that being in a blissfully comatose state while performing my daily activities feels like heaven. It, however, wants to proceed to the next task to automate.

Please turn up volume for audio.

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